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Reasons Your Teeth are Sensitive

With summer around the corner, you may yearn to sip an iced cold beverage in the sun. But for many, drinking cold drinks or biting into cold food can cause not only discomfort in the teeth, but also tooth pain and sensitivity.

There are several reasons your teeth may be sensitive. Read on to explore this and to learn how you can get relief from sensitive teeth.

Sensitivity ins and outs

You may not even realize that you are encouraging your teeth to become more sensitive through everyday actions! In fact, many people wear down tooth enamel, which can then in turn cause sensitivity, simply by brushing too hard. Take care use light pressure when brushing and avoid hard-bristled brushes. Otherwise, you run the risk of wearing down the protective outer layers of the tooth and exposing microscopic tubes that reach the nerve and cause pain.

Additionally, consuming acidic foods like tomatoes, red sauces, grapefruit, lemon and even pickles can lead to tooth pain. Try to eat these foods in moderation. Likewise, teeth grinding, gum disease, excessive plaque and even overusing mouthwash and over-the-counter whitening strips and toothpastes can cause sensitivity.

What you can do

If you’re unsure of why your teeth are sensitive, Dr. Milan can help. During a checkup, he will assess your teeth and mouth and help determine the culprit and the best solution.

If your teeth are sensitive due to teeth grinding, he can create a custom mouthguard to prevent further grinding and erosion. If you are a regular user of whitening products, Dr. Milan and his staff can help you achieve a white smile with professional grade whitening solutions that are safe and effective without the use of harsh chemicals.

And though tooth enamel can’t be replaced once lost, Dr. Milan can help restore tooth health and strength through the use of bonding or crowns. Further, special toothpaste, fluoride treatments or even a root canal could be the solution that’s right for you. It all starts with a consultation with Dr. Milan.

Dr. Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Mitchell Milan is not only a highly regarded cosmetic dentist in Michigan, but an expert in general dentistry in metro Detroit. He also specializes in restorative and advanced dentistry. In other words, he is your all-in-one-dentist for you and your family.

With a long list of accolades and over 20 years of experience, Dr. Milan has helped thousands of people achieve maximum dental health and beautiful, rejuvenated smiles. Though he has a Michigan dentist office in Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Milan sees many patients from out of town and even out of state who wish to receive the height of dental excellence at Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, or any other dental issue, contact Dr. Milan today for your appointment. He is eager to help you regain comfort and confidence.

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