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Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Yellow (And What to Do About It!)

When it comes to having a beautiful smile, most would agree that healthy, white teeth have a lot to do with its appearance. However, many, if not most people, wish their smiles were whiter and brighter.

Some people resort to over-the-counter measures, which can be harsh and much less effective than professional whitening options, which are stronger and safer.

Read on for more about this popular topic.

Why your teeth are yellowing

Truth be told, the reason why your teeth are yellow can be due to several factors.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as age or genetics. Other times, it can be because of taking certain medication. Other culprits of dull or yellow teeth are the foods and drinks you consume. Red wine, coffee, tea and tomato sauces are just of few of those that can stain your teeth. And, it goes without saying, that tobacco use can severely yellow your teeth.

Further, poor at-home oral health or lack of professional dental cleanings and also leave you with less-than-white teeth. Fortunately, there are solutions!

A variety of options

Dr. Milan understands that every patient’s smile, needs and goals are unique. Thus, he offers several solutions to help your smile look it’s best.

With the use of two different professional teeth whitening treatments, as well as dental veneers, your smile can be beautifully white in no time.

First, Dr. Milan offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening, a very effective treatment for whitening your teeth multiple shades in one appointment. Zoom! takes only about an hour and is perfect for those who want fast results. Many people choose Zoom! ahead of a special event or wedding.

For those who wish to whiten from the comfort of home with a safe and powerful treatment, Dr. Milan offers an at-home whitening kit which involves making you custom trays in which you fill with whitening gel and wear at home. This process takes a bit longer but is still highly effective.

In other cases, where teeth are extremely yellowed or even cracked or chipped as well, dental veneers are a viable solution to achieving a gorgeous smile. Offering both composite and porcelain veneers, in addition to the highly popular Lumineers (a pain-free option that does not require any tooth drilling), your smile can have long lasting whiteness and health.

Your consultation with Dr. Milan can determine the route that is best for you.

Professional teeth whitening in Birmingham, Michigan

As one of the area’s top cosmetic dentists and provider of restorative dentistry and total mouth reconstruction in Michigan, Dr. Milan’s hand is truly on the pulse of today’s most advanced dental treatments.

With over 20 years of experience in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, his unmatched skill has transformed the mouths of countless people just like you who were searching for the best in dental care. His staff is just as compassionate as he is, and our main focus is not only to bring you exceptional results but also to educate you on how to achieve optimum dental health.

If your teeth are yellow, chipped or even missing, or if your gums are receding or in need of TLC, Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can help. Call our office today for your appointment.

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