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Porcelain Veneers in Birmingham MI

Porcelain Veneers in Birmingham MI

Treat yourself to a completely new smile that looks like it’s always been there. With our extremely durable porcelain veneers, you can address your smile concerns and get the exact look you want for your pearly whites. Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry specializes in luxury dentistry and personalized care. Clients travel from throughout the state to get porcelain veneers in Birmingham MI, thanks to Dr. Milan’s outstanding application techniques.

  • Address All of Your Cosmetic Smile Concerns at Once
  • Get a Completely Custom Smile That Looks Healthy and Natural
  • You Never Have to Worry about Teeth Whitening! Porcelain Veneers Stay White for Life
  • Reshape Your Teeth and Correct Proportion Issues in Your Smile
  • Enjoy Luxury Care from a Top-Rated Cosmetic Dentist
  • Work with the Leading Provider of Porcelain Veneers in Birmingham MI

The first step in the process is to have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Milan. You can discuss the specific areas of your smile you’d like to address and discover the ideal cosmetic dentistry solution for you. Contact us at (248) 644-2136 to get started.

A Beautiful, Natural Looking Smile Designed Just for You

How do porcelain veneers work? How long does it take to get porcelain veneers? There are many questions you may have about the process, and we are here to help. During your consultation, we will break it down step-by-step so you know exactly what to expect. Every person’s experience is unique, but here are some consistencies across the board:

  • You’ll Have an In-Person Consultation to Discuss Your Smile Goals
  • We’ll Make a Mold of Your Smile to Map out Your Full Mouth Makeover
  • You’ll Get Temporary Veneers While Your Permanent Porcelain Veneers Are Being Crafted
  • We’ll Make Sure You’re Extremely Satisfied with the Look, Size, Color and Placement of Your Veneers
  • You Can Maintain Your Amazing Smile with 6-Month Follow-Ups at Our Luxury Dentist Office
  • Brush, Chew, Floss and Smile Just as You Would with Your Natural Teeth

Give us a call at (248) 644-2136 to learn more about getting porcelain veneers in Birmingham MI.

Luxury Lodging Accommodations for Traveling Clients

Not from Birmingham? Many of our clients travel to see Dr. Milan, including cosmetic dentists and dentists from other cities. He has an outstanding reputation within the community, combining art and science to create dental masterpieces. We have a close relationship with the Townsend Hotel, which is a short walk away from our office. Our patient coordinator would be happy to arrange lodging accommodations for your porcelain veneer appointments.

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