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Oral Health Means More Than Healthy Teeth

When you think of dental health, chances are, you immediately think of clean, healthy and white teeth. While teeth are a vital component, optimum oral health includes much more than your teeth. Read on to learn more.

Gums, cheeks and more

In addition to tooth decay, plaque and other conditions of the teeth, it is important to be mindful of lurking issues in the rest of the mouth.

For example, the gums. Gum health is key because your gums are related to overall health. Gingivitis—which is chronic gum inflammation and the first stage of periodontal disease—can cause red, swollen and painful gums. And when it progresses to periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, it can result in the loss of teeth and other more serious diseases. Typically, Gingivitis is a result of poor oral health and is easily avoidable by visiting your dentist regularly in addition to twice-daily brushing and daily flossing.

Other mouth issues that can be concerning include bad breath, dry mouth syndrome and oral cancer.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a fairly common issue and comes from bacteria in the mouth, stomach or nose. If you think you have bad breath, you should visit your Michigan dentist to help get to the root cause of the issue. Oftentimes, dietary changes and enhancing your at-home oral care can help.

Dry Mouth Syndrome, or Xerostomia, is caused by decreased saliva in the mouth. This issue can be temporary due to stress, but it can also become chronic. If you are suffering with dry mouth, your dentist can properly diagnose and help to treat the issue to ensure it doesn’t lead to more serious issues.

Oral cancer is another, very serious disease of the mouth. Nearly 30,000 cases of this type of cancer are diagnosed every year. And of those, over 7,000 are deadly. Oral cancer can be tough to detect in its early stage as it can be void of symptoms. However, symptoms to be aware of include mouth sores that are persistent, persistent sore throat or a feeling of something lodged in the throat, difficulty chewing or swallowing, tooth or jaw pain, neck lumps or lumps in the cheek as well as numbness of any part of the mouth. While these symptoms may not indicate oral cancer, it is vital to be seen by your dentist or doctor if you are experiencing any of them. You should also take care to visit your dentist twice yearly at minimum for your oral exam which include an oral cancer screening.

A well-respected dentist in Birmingham

When it comes to receiving the height of dental care, Dr. Mitchell Milan’s skills and experience are simply unmatched. Having been a well-known cosmetic dentist in metro Detroit for over 20 years, Dr. Milan’s dentist office is synonymous with cutting-edge dental treatment. In fact, he is proud to offer an array of dental services that many other area dentists don’t.

Equally as important, however, is Dr. Milan’s compassionate nature and desire to educate his patients on both their treatment options and how to maintain the best oral care at home. To him, the less you need to see him (other than your regular checkups and cleanings) the better; as this means you’re caring for your mouth in the best possible way.

In addition to offering preventative dentistry in southeast Michigan, Dr. Milan is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, including treatments like Invisalign Invisible Braces, the Pinhole Surgical Treatment for gums, dental veneers, dental implants and more.

If you are experiencing any kind of mouth issue, or if you’d simply like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Milan, contact his office today. We look forward to helping you achieve total mouth health.

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