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Most Common Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Did you know that tooth decay is a common oral health issue that affects adults and kids? It’s also one of the most easily prevented dental health issue.

If you are curious about how to spot tooth decay or think you may be experiencing it, read on for more.

How to detect – and avoid – tooth decay          

Tooth decay consists of damage on the tooth surface or the tooth enamel. Typically, it happens when bacteria in the mouth creates acid, which in turn erodes the teeth.

Even those with seemingly good oral hygiene may experience tooth decay. Some of the most common symptoms of tooth decay are the following:

Bleeding gums

When gums are irritated or swollen you may be experiencing gingivitis. This gum inflammation is due to bacteria and can be a key culprit in the development of tooth decay.

Tooth pressure

If you feel pain or pressure when biting into food or even sensitivity, these could be indications you have tooth decay, as oftentimes, this pain is due to erosion of enamel.

Bad breath

Bad breath is often caused by insufficient oral health habits and is an early symptom of cavities and tooth decay.

Tooth discoloration

When your teeth are discolored, it can be a telltale sign of decaying of teeth.

When you take care to see the dentist every six months, as well as eat a nutritious diet and brush the teeth twice a day and floss daily, you lessen the risk of tooth decay developing. It’s also vital to avoid tobacco and limit sugary foods and drinks, which can lead to tooth decay.

If you suspect you have tooth decay or simply wish to explore treatments to keep your mouth in its best condition, we recommend a consultation.

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