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Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean…What You Must Know

Keeping your oral health at its best begins with your toothbrush! Of course, brushing twice a day at a minimum is recommended…but are you brushing with a germ-free brush?

If you aren’t sure, we encourage you to read on for more on how to keep your toothbrush clean.

Toothbrush care is key to oral health

First, it is important to rinse your toothbrush after you brush your teeth. Thoroughly rinse its bristles under running water to remove any remaining toothpaste or debris from it. You can even soak your brush in hot water or a bit of mouthwash to ensure it is clean and bacteria-free.

Next, you want to air dry your toothbrush. This is better and healthier than butting it in a case or holder, which encourages bacteria growth.

And finally, be sure to keep your toothbrush away from the toilet, as when the toilet flushes, bacteria can spread. Storing your brush upright and away from possible bacteria is best.

And remember to replace your toothbrush every three months or even sooner. A clean brush with bristles that are intact is vital to maintaining your best oral health. And, of course, brush at a 45-degree angle with gentle strokes for two minutes. The ADA recommends a soft-bristled brush to avoid hurting your gums.

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