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Jaw Clicking and Clenching?

What Your Dentist Can Do for TMD and Bruxism

For many people, jaw clicking and teeth clenching can be much more than simply an annoyance. It can cause pain, headaches and even sleep issues. For some, it can have an effect on everyday tasks. Read on for more about these conditions and treating them.

Difference between TMJ and bruxism

TMD — or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) — and bruxism can both cause the mouth not to function properly and even affect oral health. Bruxism can be caused by TMD but can also worsen TMD. Though there are some similarities between TMD and bruxism, there are distinct differences and should be considered two different health issues.

Those who suffer with bruxism grind their teeth unconsciously. This mostly occurs at night; however, some people do grind their teeth during the day, particular when under stress. You may be totally unaware of your teeth grinding but Dr. Milan can identify signs of this condition at your dental appointment.

Bruxism can cause wearing and chipping of teeth, tooth sensitivity and wearing of enamel, as well as pain in the ears and jaw. The cause of bruxism is difficult to diagnose but can be due, in part, to misaligned teeth, anxiety or stress. However, it should be treated properly because at its worst, it can cause tooth loss.

TMD, on the other hand, is pain, clicking or popping of the jaw, as well as difficulty in moving the temporomandibular joint. Symptoms can include pain in the face, ears or jaw, tension in the neck and shoulders, regular headaches and teeth grinding.

If you suffer with any of the above, Dr. Milan can properly diagnose and offer treatment options. If the cause is due to misaligned teeth, Dr. Milan can provide realignment through the use of Invisalign Clear Aligners. Further, he can create a custom bite plate to stop your upper teeth from grinding the lower teeth. If it is determined that surgery is required, Dr. Milan can refer you to a reputable maxillofacial surgeon.

TMJ treatment in metro Detroit

When it comes to selecting a dentist to get relief from TMJ or bruxism, it’s key to choose someone who is experienced and who comes with accolades.

Dr. Mitchell Milan began Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry over 20 years ago and has grown his practice and his name to become synonymous with excellence. Patients come to Dr. Milan from all over the country to receive his care — and his proven results. After all, your smile and your oral health should be in the hands of only the best.

With expertise in cosmetic, restorative and preventative dentistry, Dr. Milan can treat worn, chipped, painful, yellowing and missing teeth and restore your smile to its healthiest. If you’d like to learn more about your dental health options, contact our office today.

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