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Is it Okay to Pull Your Child’s Loose Tooth?

Does your child have a loose tooth? Losing baby teeth can be an exciting time for kids as this means permanent teeth are on the way. This usually happens around six years of age or a bit older when the baby teeth (or primary teeth) are dissolving to make way for permanent teeth.

Truth be told, though, loose teeth can be bothersome, and the process isn’t always quick. Many parents wonder if they should pull their child’s baby teeth once they become loose. Before grabbing the string, read on to learn more on this.

Loose tooth…what to do?

If your child’s tooth is loose and just not coming out on its own, there are safe ways to extract it.

First, you can encourage your child to keep wiggling the tooth to try to dislodge it. But be sure this is done with clean hands or tissue. You may also have them bite into an apple, which can trap the tooth and dislodge it. When this is done long enough, the tooth should naturally fall out.

Also, it is important to remember this can be an uncertain time for kids. So, reassure your child that this is totally normal and that some minor bleeding may occur. And that this is an exciting time – after all, the tooth fairy is coming!

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