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How Your Teeth Can Help Predict Your Health

Most know that brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily, along with visiting the dentist every six months for your dental cleaning and checkup is important for maintaining oral health. But did you know that your teeth can actually help predict your body’s health?

Read more below to learn more about this important topic.

Chronic conditions and oral health — understanding the research

Research consistently indicates that there is a link between our oral health and other more serious and chronic conditions. And studies also show that taking proper care of your teeth and gums and having a proactive approach to your dental health can reduce the risk of certain diseases.

For example, studies have uncovered that those diagnosed with diabetes tend to have periodontal disease or gingivitis. And diabetics have a harder time fending off bacteria that makes its way to gums, paving the way for gum disease to occur.

Additionally, gum disease can have an impact on how your body controls its blood glucose level, making it harder for diabetics to manage their disease. Not to mention gum disease increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Further, a telltale sign of gum disease is inflammation. And inflammation often leads to conditions like atherosclerosis, which can hinder blood flow to the heart, increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack. And researchers have discovered that the more bacteria from gum disease a person had, the thicker carotid arteries can be.

And finally, those with periodontitis often have gum pockets that are infected, and this infection can enter the bloodstream and cause other parts of the body to become inflamed, damaging blood vessels.

The correlation of oral health and heart function and diabetes is just another reason to care for your mouth properly and visit your dentist often.

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