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How to Tell if a Cavity is Lurking

Did you know that most people will experience a cavity at some point in their adult lives? In fact, over 92 percent of adults have had one or more cavities filled. An additional 26 percent of adults have a cavity that has gone unfilled and untreated. And sometimes, cavities are present when you do not even realize it!

Therefore, it is vital to know and understand the signs and symptoms of a cavity so that you can seek treatment right away to avoid further (and more painful) problems. Keep reading below to learn more.

Signs of cavities to watch for

One common sign of a cavity forming is that your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold foods, or both. The layer of the tooth called dentin is below the enamel and when enamel erodes, it can expose this layer. When dentin encounters hot or cold food or beverages, it can stimulate nerves, thus creating sensitivity. This feeling can last for seconds up to minutes.

Further, a general toothache can also be a sign of a cavity. This can be a dull pain, or it can be more severe and radiate the entire mouth.

Another sign of a cavity lurking is tooth discoloration. Since cavities are essentially tooth decay, it can exhibit dark spots on the affected tooth.

Bad breath and an odd taste in the mouth can also be symptomatic of a cavity’s presence, as cavities tend to breed bacteria.

Additionally, swollen or bleeding gums can be a telltale sign that a cavity could be present near the gumline. So, if you find that your gums are bleeding while flossing or even at random times, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Milan right away, as this could mean you have a cavity or that gingivitis is occurring.

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of a cavity is pus. If you have pus near a tooth, it is likely that the cavity is now an abscess and should be treated immediately to prevent spreading to surrounding areas.

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