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How to Pick the Right Toothbrush

While you may not think about it all that often, choosing a toothbrush is actually something you should, indeed, put some thought into.

Today, there is a wide variety of toothbrush brands and types to choose from – both online and in the store. Truth be told, it can be tough to know which is best for you.

Luckily, we have some tips! Keep reading for more.

Toothbrush 101

From the types of bristles to the type of toothbrush head to the handle grip, there is a lot to consider when selecting a toothbrush.

Brushes with a smaller head will allow easier access to all parts of the mouth, even hard-to-reach back teeth. As such, a good bet is a smaller, round-headed brush for more ease.

When it comes to the toothbrush bristles, hard or soft is the choice you must make. In general, we recommend a softer-bristled brush, as firm bristles can actually damage the teeth and gums with too much pressure. Soft bristles clean just as well without causing irritation.

And finally, when considering the grip of the toothbrush handle, you should consider choosing one that is comfortable for you that also offers a grip that is secure. Some people with dexterity issues should be extra cognizant of this.

Many people also wonder if an electric toothbrush is the way to go. Though more expensive, if you wish to go this route, you certainly can. However, when done properly, a manual toothbrush is as effective at cleaning teeth.

And you should take care to change your toothbrush every three months, as a new toothbrush has been shown to remove plaque 30 percent more than an old one. You may need to replace sooner if bristles begin to wear before the three-month mark.

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