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How to Know if Bad Breath is a Sign of a Bigger Issue

Everyone experiences bad breath at some point. For most, breath issues happen in the morning before brushing your teeth or after eating pungent foods.

For others, though, bad breath can be more common and even a sign of other health issues.

Keep reading to learn more about this and how you can keep your breath its freshest.

Not all bad breath is the same

Most times, bad breath is due to bad oral hygiene. When your teeth are not cleaned regularly, particles of food build up, causing bacteria and plaque. Even your tongue and tonsils can breed bacteria when your mouth is not properly cared for. As such, brushing twice a day at minimum is key to fresher breath and a healthier mouth.

However, some people experience bad breath as a result of digestive issues. Those with frequent acid reflux may find that their breath is strong after eating. In this case, the food odor travels up the esophagus and back into the mouth.

Others get bad breath as a result of dry mouth. When saliva is slow to produce, bad breath tends to occur. Using mouthwash for dry mouth and chewing gum can help. But in more serious cases, your dentist or doctor can offer treatment solutions.

And finally, bad breath, in its most severe cases, can be a sign of health issues, including respiratory or tonsil infections, sinus issues, diabetes or kidney issues. This is why it is key to see your dentist regularly to learn if any potential issues are lurking and to treat them early.

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