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How to Ensure Your Mouth is its Cleanest!

When it comes to optimum oral health, a clean mouth is key to a healthy mouth. However, truth be told, some people simply are not keeping their teeth as clean as they should be.

When teeth are not properly cleaned and cared for, cavities, gingivitis and other dental woes can become present…leading to bad breath, yellowing of the teeth and, in severe cases, tooth loss.

Suffice to say, keeping your mouth in great shape should be high on your priority list! Read on for more on this important subject.

Clean mouth 101

It should go without saying, but you should be brushing your teeth twice daily at minimum and flossing at least once a day. This will clear any food and debris that has gotten stuck between the teeth. If you are unable to brush after eating, then rinsing the mouth with water is the next best option. Additionally, ensuring you are using a fluoride-infused mouthwash will keep teeth strong.

Also, being on the lookout for any abnormalities in the mouth is vital to catching lurking issues before they become major issues. Things like a toothache, receding gums, bad breath and mouth lesions should be addressed with your dentist.

Speaking of your dentist, your bi-annual dentist visits should be a priority. During your professional cleaning, we are able to clear away any bacteria that brushing and flossing can’t reach as well as identify any potential oral issues that need attention. Prevention is best!

Your family dentist – and much more!

Dr. Milan and Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offer a wide array of dental treatments for you and your family.

The difference at BCFCD is that we do more than basic dental procedures and nothing about our office is cookie-cutter in nature.

As experts in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we can handle any dental issue that you encounter. From preventative dentistry to gum procedures to total mouth rehabilitation, along with a vast array of cosmetic treatments to make your smile look its best, our cutting-edge dentist office leads the way in the industry.

We encourage you to make an appointment to learn how we can help you achieve oral health excellence!

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