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How to Care for Your Teeth Following a Zoom! Teeth Whitening Treatment

When it comes to confidence, a gleaming white smile can certainly help build it! Dr. Milan is proud to offer Zoom! Teeth Whitening at his cosmetic dental office in Birmingham, Michigan.

This treatment is very popular for many reasons, including the fact that it’s fast (about two hours) and results are immediate. However, what happens once you leave our office is key to maintaining your newly whitened smile.

Keep reading for more on aftercare protocol and tips to keep your teeth looking their best after your whitening treatment.

Ensuring your teeth stay their whitest

The first 48 hours following your Zoom! treatment are the most crucial for long lasting whiteness.

Our teeth contain an outer protective layer which holds any surface stains that are removed during a whitening treatment. After Zoom!, it takes up to a full 24 hours for this barrier to redevelop fully. As such, Dr. Milan has specific recommendations for the first two days after your treatment.

You should avoid all coffee and tea drinks, red wine, tobacco, soft drinks and even dark foods and sauces like tomatoes and red sauce, ketchup, berries and so on, as these can stain your teeth. You should also avoid toothpastes and mouthwash that have color.

While some minor discomfort or “zings” to the teeth can occur, it is typically minor and can be treated with over-the-counter pain reliever. You may also wish to brush with toothpaste for sensitive teeth during this time.

An aftercare kit will be provided to you by Dr. Milan’s staff. In this kit, you will find Relief ACP gel that can be used in your custom trays to reduce sensitivity. Further, the kit contains a Zoom! professional teeth whitening gel that can be used to touch up your smile as needed.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Birmingham

Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offers the height of dentistry in metro Detroit.

Whether you are searching for a skilled and experienced dentist in southeast Michigan for your routine dental cleanings and exams, or if your smile needs more in-depth care, Dr. Milan and his staff are here for you.

As a sought-after cosmetic dentist in Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Milan’s treatments are the very latest and most advanced in dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and even advanced dentistry in Michigan. For two decades, Dr. Milan has repaired, rejuvenated and revamped the smiles of thousands of people who were yearning for more confidence when it came to their teeth and gums. Even cases other dental professionals deemed as “lost causes,” Dr. Milan has transformed.

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