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How to care for your Invisalign Clear Aligners

So you’ve taken the plunge and gotten Invisalign…good for you! A straight smile is within reach. In addition to coming in for your regular checkups and wearing the clear aligners for at least 20 hours a day, you should also be sure to take excellent care of your aligners.

Read on for more on how to do this.

Proper care for Invisalign

The fastest and easiest way to keep your clear aligners clean is to rinse them whenever you take them out. This will help to keep buildup away that can be caused from saliva and even plaque. Before putting your aligners back in after eating, give them a good rinse (and, ideally, brush your teeth) before reinserting.

Additionally, remember to soak the aligners once daily at minimum. This will ensure debris and particles from food are washed away and that your aligners are clean and fresh. Simply soak in water and the Invisalign cleaning solution or crystals for 15 minutes, then brush and rinse the aligners before wearing.

And as a reminder, do not eat or drink (other than water) with your aligners in as this can stain them.

And finally, when you remove your aligners to eat, be sure to store them in their case to keep them safe. This can help avoid damage or even forgetting them somewhere.

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