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How Sugar Impacts Your Teeth

It is well known that sugar is not good for teeth. But do you know exactly why?

As holidays and birthdays approach (and all the sweet treats that can come with them) and as a year-round reminder, it is wise to understand how sugar can wreak havoc on your oral health—and how to enjoy it in a more healthful way!

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The not-so-sweet reality

With the litany of foods and drinks filled with sugar, it can be tough to avoid it altogether. But the truth is, an abundance of sugar consumption can lead to tooth decay and gum disease (and even more serious conditions like obesity and heart disease).

Interestingly, it is not the actual sugar that harms teeth, but rather, the acid produced by bacteria following the breakdown of sugar. This is where the damage to teeth occurs and when your tooth enamel can be worn down.

When that occurs, cavities, decay and gum disease can follow.

Brushing and flossing as directed and visiting the dentist every six months minimum can stave off these conditions, but you can also learn to enjoy sugar in a healthful way.

Eat sweets responsibly

The good news is you can still have sugar from time to time. The key is moderation!

If you do get a craving, you may wish to opt for healthy and fresh fruits instead of a piece of candy. And if you do have the candy, be sure to drink lots of water to rinse away debris (and even stave off sugar cravings) …and brush after consuming sugar if you are able.

You can always opt for sugar-free alternatives, as well, to help your mouth stay in its best shape.

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