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How Important is Flossing to Dental Health?

Most people know that brushing their teeth twice a day is key to maintaining good oral health. And most are aware that flossing daily is widely recommended by dentists and the American Dental Association. However, many people simply skip this step or plain do not do it enough, and mistakenly think that it is no big deal.

Well, truth be told, flossing is an integral part of oral care and should not be overlooked. Keep reading to learn why.

Flossing 101

Gums contain blood vessels that bring oxygen to the tooth’s roots and the mouth, making them a vital part of oral health. And flossing directly impacts the health of your gums.

Studies consistently show that those who floss have significantly less gum bleeding and better oral health because it helps protect you from gingivitis by removing bacteria and food particles. However, one in eight adults is diagnosed with gum disease — which can oftentimes be prevented by flossing.

Some signs that gums need care include:

  • bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • gums that dark pink or red
  • pain and discomfort and a look of being “rolled”
  • swelling and receding

Gums are the anchor that keep teeth in place and absorb shock, making them very important. So, the best protection against gum issues is to avoid them in the first place. Flossing once a day at minimum goes a long way in achieving this.

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