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Gentle, Comfortable Dentistry…Learn More About Dental Sedation

Although visiting your dentist for your routine checkup should feel like second nature, the truth is that some folks simply do not enjoy going to the dentist. Whether dental phobia or perhaps a more in-depth treatment is causing anxiety, the good news is dental sedation (also referred to as relaxation dentistry) is a viable solution to ensure your comfort and peace of mind during your dental appointment.

Read on to learn more about dental sedation at Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Benefits of sedation dentistry

At Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that patients should always have access to comfortable and safe dental care that frees them from any anxiety. As such, our sedation dentistry is a viable option for various treatments, including extraction of teeth, dental implants, mouth rehabilitation and more.

And Dr. Milan is certified by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, making him an expert in dental sedation.

Sedation dentistry is often a great fit for those who not only may have a phobia of visiting the dentist, but also those who have a gag reflex, chronic jaw soreness, neck or back issues, difficulty with numbing agents, or even those with time constraints who wish to receive more care in a shorter amount of time or who require extensive treatment.

Sedation dentistry utilizes medication to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during treatment so that your procedure can be done both effectively and efficiently. The sedation medication is taken orally and have been researched and tested heavily and proven effective and safe.

A consultation with Dr. Milan is the first step in discussing your dental issues and goals, as well as getting answers to your questions about sedation dentistry. Discussing any dental fears or anxieties is encouraged, as we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Further, sharing your medical history is imperative before undergoing sedation dentistry, as certain supplements, medications and smoking can interfere with the process.

If Dr. Milan deems sedation dentistry as right for you, you will be given a prescription for a sedative to take the evening prior to your visit to ensure you are well rested. Then, the day of treatment, you will be given your sedation medication, which is administered by Dr. Milan and taken by dissolving under the tongue.

It is important to bring a companion to your appointment, as driving after dental sedation is not allowed. Typically, patients feel no side effects the following day, except for happiness over how easy their appointment was!

Comfortable dentistry in Birmingham, MI

Though Dr. Mitchell Milan is known for the results he delivers to his patients, he is also known for his compassion and gentle touch. After all, when you visit the dentist, you should feel comfortable from start to finish.

As a leading dentist in metro Detroit and the state, there is hardly a dental issue Dr. Milan cannot correct. Whether you are searching for the very best in preventative care or are in need of something more, such as advanced, restorative or cosmetic dentistry, Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can help.

We encourage to contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment. We look forward to providing you with unmatched service and results!

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