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Flossing and Your Heart – a Win-Win

You probably know that eating a nutritious diet, exercising and not smoking can all factor in to keeping your heart healthy. But in recent years, research has indicated that oral health plays a factor, as well.

Though it may seem surprising, it actually makes sense that those who suffer with tooth loss or gum disease tend to have a higher likelihood of developing cardiovascular issues like stroke or heart attack as opposed to those with optimum oral health.

Keep reading for more on this important topic.

One more major reason to floss

If teeth and gums are not properly cared for, bacteria can collect and result in gum disease. And, if it remains untreated, it can exacerbate into periodontal disease.

These conditions can have an effect on heart health – because when bacteria enter the root of the tooth, it can, in turn, get into the bloodstream and travel through the body. There is even some research that indicates the bacteria may land arteries and cause clogs. Further, bacteria can cause lasting inflammation, making the heart’s response weak.

As such, flossing daily at minimum can reduce bacteria between and on teeth, thus, reducing inflammation in the body and the risk of bacteria traveling. So – be sure to floss your way to better health!

A healthier mouth and a healthier you are a call away

At Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we specialize in preventative dental care, to help you avoid major oral issues down the road. After all, prevention is the best way to protect yourself.

By practicing good oral hygiene at home and never missing your bi-annual dental exam, you are well on your way to great oral health. However, if you are ever in need of additional dental treatments, we have you covered!

Dr. Milan specializes in the latest cosmetic dental treatments like Invisalign and teeth whitening along with veneers, gum treatments and total mouth rehab. It’s safe to say, we are your one stop shop for all of your dental needs.

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