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Early Warning Signs of Mouth Cancer

Did you know that over 50,000 mouth cancer cases are diagnosed every year? And of those 50,000, a startling 20 percent of people will die from mouth cancer?

As such, it is vital to learn and understand just what mouth cancer is and what the warning signs are…and how you can prevent mouth cancer. Here, we have outlined the information you need to know. Keep reading for more.

What is mouth cancer?

Mouth cancer occurs when cells in the mouth, on the lips, cheek lining, roof of mouth or on the tongue change in DNA. These new abnormal cells sometimes form into tumors that can spread to other parts of the mouth and even the head or neck.

Formed in the oral cavity, mouth cancer is also known as oral cancer or oral cavity cancer. It is categorized under head and neck cancer and can often be prevented by proper oral care and omitting risk factors.

What are the signs of mouth cancer?

There are a variety of signs that may indicate mouth cancer. These include:

  • Mouth sores
  • White patches or red patches inside the mouth
  • Growths inside the mouth
  • Ear or mouth pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Loose teeth

You are more at risk of mouth cancer if you are a smoker, excessive drinker or have had excessive exposure to the sun. Visiting your dentist twice annually for your exam and cleaning can go a long way in keeping your mouth healthy and spotting any potential warning signs.

During your visit to Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Milan takes care to examine all tissues in the oral cavity as well as the head and neck for anything out of the ordinary.

Preventative dental care at Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

As a leader in the dental industry for over 20 years, Dr. Mitchell Milan is trusted and chosen for his skill and experience. Patients of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry appreciate that not only the latest cosmetic dental treatments are offered here, but also that all of their preventative dental needs can be met, including oral cancer screenings.

With a name synonymous with world-class, unmatched service, Dr. Milan’s priority is always the comfort, safety and satisfaction of his patients. His office is highly advanced and equipped with the latest technology and software to provide exceptional dental treatments each and every time.

If you are concerned about a dental issue or simply looking for a dentist with the highest of accolades, please contact Dr. Milan’s metro Detroit dentist office today. We look forward to helping you achieve your healthiest mouth.

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