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Do you have strong teeth? How to Tell and What to do if You Don’t

For many people, keeping their bodies strong and healthy is a priority. Most do this through working out and a healthy diet. However, when it comes to our teeth, it’s not always that cut and dried.

Did you know that the enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body? It’s true, even stronger than your bones. Not to mention teeth can even last hundreds of years — far longer than the human body itself. However, many factors can cause your teeth to wear down.

But just how can you tell if your teeth are strong and healthy? And how can you ensure they stay that way? Keep reading for expert tips.

What are strong teeth?

Teeth that are strong can exert the pressure of nearly 200 pounds while biting down. However, when they become damaged, they are unable to repair themselves. That’s why it’s important to be proactive in taking care of your teeth before they get worn.

Teeth that are strong are firmly seated in your gums. They don’t experience pain while brushing or eating and aren’t sensitive to hot or cold beverages or food. Teeth that are properly aligned are more likely to be healthy, as food and bacteria are less able to get trapped and cause decay. And, obviously, cavity-free teeth are typically healthy teeth.

Other signs of an overall healthy mouth include healthy gums that are pink in color and tightly placed on teeth, along with healthy oral tissues that are red in color and moist and free of any sores. Further, an odor-free mouth is a sign of a healthy mouth.

If you are noticing pain in your teeth or gums, bleeding gums, or a strong mouth odor, it is time to visit your dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How you can strengthen your teeth

As mentioned earlier, teeth are unable to repair themselves. However, if your teeth are worn, your dentist can help.

If your teeth are crowded or overlapped, your dentist may recommend braces or Invisalign Invisible Braces to help align them and keep them decay-free. If your enamel is wearing or your teeth are chipped or even missing, treatments like bonding, caps, veneers, dentures or dental implants may be recommended.

Dr. Milan has a plethora of experience in restoring teeth and entire mouths that have become weak and worn. An appointment with him will determine which solution is right for you.

To keep teeth strong long before problems occur, you should be brushing twice daily, flossing daily and visiting your dentist twice a year for your dental cleaning and checkups. Additionally, to maintain strong teeth, you should avoid smoking, over-consuming acidic food and beverages, and avoid chewing or biting non-food items (like opening packages with your teeth or chewing ice), as well as ensure you are eating healthfully and consuming enough water.

Your all-in-one Michigan dentist

As an elite cosmetic dentist in metro Detroit, Dr. Mitchell Milan is an expert in rejuvenating teeth and gums.

His repertoire is extensive and includes restorative, cosmetic, advanced and preventative dentistry with services that run the gamut. For two decades, Dr. Milan has had the honor of restoring smiles to healthy, functioning and beautiful…which can truly be life changing for people.

With a long list of extraordinary before and after cases, and a true skill and passion for not only the science of dentistry but the art of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Milan is known as one of the best in his field.

If you’re unsatisfied with your smile, don’t wait any longer. Contact Dr. Milan for a consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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