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Do You Have Bad Breath? How to Tell and What You Can Do About It

For many people, bad breath is more than a nuisance after eating strong foods. It can be frustrating and hinder self-confidence. And, oftentimes, breath mints and gum only mask the condition.

If you wonder if you have bad breath, read on for how to tell and solutions that can help keep it under control.

Do you have breath odor?

Some people suffer occasional bad breath while others have a chronic condition called Halitosis.

Halitosis is, unfortunately, not resolved through simple brushing or even breath mints. It is a strong smell in the mouth and can be indicative of a more serious issue.

Dental issues like cavities or gum disease can breed bad breath-causing bacteria. Likewise, dry mouth or even mouth, nose and throat issues and infections can contribute to halitosis due to lingering bacteria. Dry mouth can be a result of certain medications or even too much caffeine or alcohol use.

Further, and perhaps most obviously, smoking and using tobacco can contribute to halitosis not only due to the unpleasant odor but also because it dries out the mouth. Some experience halitosis due to an underlying medical issue such as acid reflux, kidney disease, liver disease or diabetes.

If you aren’t sure where your breath ranks, you can test it out for yourself by licking your wrist and smelling it or flossing your teeth and giving it a whiff. Further, you can ask a trusted friend or family member to check it out for you.

Taking control

Whether one of the aforementioned conditions is the cause of your bad breath, the key is to be properly diagnosed by your dentist and practice good daily oral care. Make it a priority to see your dentist, at minimum, twice a year for your oral exam and professional cleaning. Further, you should take care to brush at least twice a day and floss once daily. An antibacterial mouthwash can also help.

As another measure, aim to change your toothbrush every three months. If you have dentures, be sure to clean them properly to remove bacteria. A tongue scraper can also remove bacteria from the tongue.

If you are worried you may have an underlying condition that is causing bad breath, Dr. Milan can help.

Dentist in Birmingham

If you are due for your dental visit, Dr. Milan invites you to schedule an appointment with him. He and his staff take measures to offer comprehensive service that goes far beyond a basic cleaning. He will assess your mouth’s overall health, taking care to identify any potential issues that need attention.

As an expert in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry in Michigan as well as preventative, restorative and full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Milan is equipped to handle any dental need. His world-class dentist office in Birmingham, Michigan is advanced and comfortable, and Dr. Milan’s patient care and compassionate nature is simply unmatched! Contact Dr. Milan today and achieve the best oral health of your life.

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