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Diabetes and your Oral Health

Did you know that those with diabetes have a greater risk of developing gum disease and even infections of the gums and bones that secure the teeth in their place?

It’s true. As such, if you are diabetic, you should take extra care to be mindful of your oral health. Read on for more on this important topic.

The connection you need to know about

Taking excellent care of your mouth is essential for everyone. But for people with diabetes, it is even more critical. Not only can diabetes slow down any healing if a mouth, tooth or gum infection were to occur, it can also hinder periodontal disease treatment.

Diabetes can also cause dry mouth and thrush – a fungal infection – due to lack of saliva. This can, in turn, also cause things like tooth decay, infection and ulcers.

In addition, if diabetes is accelerating, your mouth is likely to develop issues and gum disease can also cause issues with blood sugar.

As such, it is key to take the proper precautions to keep diabetes and oral health issues at bay.

First and foremost, if you have diabetes, you should take care to keep blood glucose in check. Next, be sure to brush your teeth twice daily and floss daily, at minimum. Be sure to also let us know of any dental issues looming, such as sore gums, improperly fitting dentures or mouth sores. And, of course, do not smoke.

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Dr. Mitchell Milan and his team are here to guide you to your best oral health. We take a holistic approach to all we do and customize our treatments based on each patient’s individual needs and goals.

And we believe that prevention is the key to not only oral wellness, but overall wellness. We are your ally in health and we invite you to contact us for your appointment!

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