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What are Dental Crowns and Bridges and Who Benefits from Them?

When it comes to misshapen, discolored, damaged or missing teeth, today’s solutions are better and more convenient than ever before. Dental crowns and bridges of today are highly advanced and can truly impact one’s self-confidence and overall dental health in a positive way.

But just what are these devices and who needs them? Read on for more.

The benefits of crowns and bridges

Dental crowns are devices that are placed onto your existing teeth to either cover up a tooth that has been damaged or to cover an implant. Dental bridges, on the other hand, are used to fill the space of one or more missing teeth. These devices are secured into place by cement and can provide not only an aesthetic solution to discoloration and misshapen teeth, but also help to make easier everyday activities like eating and talking. And what’s more, they can last a lifetime.

Crowns and bridges are beneficial because they can strengthen a tooth that has been damaged as well as help to deter any additional bite issues that may result from shifting of the teeth.

Dr. Milan may suggest a crown for a variety of reasons, including restoring a tooth that has been fractured, to cover an implant or discolored tooth or to cover a tooth that has undergone a root canal. A bridge is often ideal when one or multiple teeth are missing (and also helps to avoid gum disease and TMJ, for which missing teeth can put you at risk).

Dr. Milan offers several options when it comes to crowns: all-porcelain crowns and CEREC crowns.

All-porcelain crowns are very inconspicuous and look like natural teeth when done properly, with no darkness at the gum line. Further, Dr. Milan is proud to provide CEREC crowns, which can be done in just one visit, without the need for an impression. This advanced treatment is not offered just anywhere, and Dr. Milan is highly experienced in it.

Dr. Milan offers several types of porcelain bridges, including fixed, Maryland and cantilever bridges. Each serves a unique purpose and Dr. Milan can better recommend which is right for you during a consultation.

A Cosmetic Dentist with Accolades

Dr. Mitchell Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has been a trusted staple in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in metro Detroit for 20 years. Additionally, he is widely acclaimed as one of the best in his industry not only in the metro Detroit area and state, but in the country.

Dr. Milan’s patients are equally as impressed by his talent and skill when it comes to the aesthetics of cosmetic dentistry as they are the kindness and compassion he shows to every patient. His world-class Birmingham, Michigan dentist office boasts the most state-of-the-art tools and devices and Dr. Milan is proud to utilize only the most advanced technology and techniques in the services he provides.

From cosmetic to restorative dentistry, and preventative to advanced dentistry, Dr. Milan is equipped to handle any dental concern.

Is your mouth in need of some TLC? Contact Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry for a consultation. We are eager to help you get the best smile of your life.

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