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Can Teeth Whitening Damage Gums?

Many people are on the search for whiter, brighter teeth. Why? A beautiful white smile can say a lot about you! In fact, studies have indicated that those with a lovely white smile are perceived as more successful both personally and professionally.

However, in addition to professional teeth whitening treatments at a reputable dentist, there are a plethora of whitening pastes, gels and strips at the pharmacy, the supermarket and even online and it can get confusing.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should choose a teeth-whitening method that is proven safe.

What makes teeth yellow?

Despite brushing and flossing, teeth can begin to lose luster and turn yellow over time. This can be due to age, genetics or medications. Mostly, though, it is due to the foods and beverages we consume.

Red wine, tea and coffee are the biggest culprits that can stain the teeth; however, even red tomato sauces and dark berries can contribute to a smile that isn’t its whitest.

Fortunately, Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can help you achieve your whitest smile in no time at all!

Professional teeth whitening is safest

Though it may be tempting to pick up a whitening method while grocery shopping, or those you see scrolling through Instagram, truth be told, over the counter and online whitening treatments aren’t always what they claim to be.

Methods that involve dental strips or gels and even those with an at-home LED light tend to contain a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which can harm your tooth enamel. Further, it can irritate and even damage your gums, tongue and throat. As such, these methods are not recommended.

Dr. Milan’s office specializes in Zoom! Teeth Whitening, a highly effective treatment for teeth whitening. This procedure can whiten up to 10 shades in about an hour. Zoom! is ideal for those who wish for a dramatically whiter smile fast. It is safe and garners fantastic results.

As another option, Dr. Milan offers an at-home whitening method with custom-fit trays so that you can whiten your smile from the comfort of your home with results developing over time. This treatment is also safe and effective. A consultation will determine which method is best for you.

Professional teeth whitening Birmingham, MI

Dr. Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is pleased to have been offering the very latest and most advanced dental and cosmetic dental procedures for over two decades. His work is known far and wide, which is why patients visit him from around the country.

With a reputation of skill combined with compassion, his patients are repeatedly pleased with the results he delivers. From ZOOM! teeth whitening to more complicated treatments that involve completely restoring smiles, Dr. Milan’s experience is unmatched, and he is known as a respected leader in his industry.

Whether you are frustrated with yellowing teeth, chipped or broken teeth, a gummy or crooked smile or missing teeth, Dr. Milan wants to help you. We encourage you to contact Dr. Milan’s office for your appointment. It’s time to put your oral health and confidence first!

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