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Can I Leave in My Silver Fillings? An Expert Opinion

The topic of silver fillings and whether or not to have them replaced has been generating a lot of buzz in the dental field. Here, we break down the ins and outs of this subject and offer Dr. Milan’s opinion. Read on for more.

Is it important to remove my silver fillings?

If you are concerned about whether you should leave in your silver fillings, you’re not alone. This is quite a common question and one we hear fairly frequently.

Silver fillings, also known as dental amalgams, are designed to fill in cavities left by decaying of the tooth. This type of filling has been used for over a century and millions of people have silver filings.

Comprised of elemental mercury, silver, tin and copper, these fillings are silver in appearance, hence the name. The concern is that elevated levels of mercury are known to emit a vapor that can have adverse effects on the body. Fortunately, silver fillings only contain a low level of mercury that has been deemed safe in adults and children over six years old by the FDA.

Further, silver fillings are sometimes subject to decay under the filling and cavities can be challenging to see under the filling in an X-ray. As such, some people consider having silver fillings replaced with white composite fillings.

Many dentists, including Dr. Milan, have a stance on this. Dr. Milan advises his patients that if their silver fillings are in perfect condition and they aren’t experiencing any issues, then leave them be. However, if you’d like them changed out for cosmetic purposes or if you have been diagnosed with elevated mercury levels, then by all means have them replaced.

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