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Can Invisalign Fix TMJ?

For many people, waking with a sore jaw or headache from clenching and grinding teeth is very real. In addition to pain, TMJ can also cause tooth enamel to wear down, gum recession and even cracked teeth.

When it comes to TMJ, jaw misalignment can be a common cause. Fortunately, there are solutions that can treat this condition, one such solution being Invisalign Clear Aligners. Read more about aligning your smile for relief from TMJ below.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign Clear Aligners work to straighten your smile, but in a discreet way. Unlike harsh metal braces of years past, Invisalign utilizes custom clear aligning trays that shift your teeth over a period of time. Further, the trays can be removed while eating. Invisalign aligners are created for you every few weeks during your treatment period.

In addition to creating a healthy, straight smile, Invisalign is often a highly effective treatment for TMJ. Perfectly aligned teeth let your temporomandibular joint close and open easily, free of stress on the jaw, which can cause inflammation and pain. And by aligning your bite and reprogramming your facial muscles that are responsible for teeth grinding, many patients experience total relief from TMJ after being treated with Invisalign — saying goodbye to pain, soreness and tension headaches for good.

Dr. Milan is an expert in Invisalign Clear Aligners and has helped countless patients achieve not only a beautiful smile but also pain relief. Your consultation with Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can determine whether Invisalign is the proper treatment for you.

Invisalign in Birmingham, MI

If you are suffering with TMJ, Dr. Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can help. As a highly respected cosmetic dentist in Michigan with patients who travel from around the country to receive his care, Dr. Milan’s passion, dedication and skill are what garner the results you wish to achieve.

Specializing in not only cosmetic dentistry, but also preventative dentistry in Birmingham, and restorative and advanced dentistry for even the most complex cases, Dr. Milan’s state-of-the-art techniques and equipment go far beyond what most dental offices offer. These include procedures for your teeth, gums and jaw for a lifetime of oral health.

No matter if your teeth are broken, chipped, yellowing, crooked, gapped or even completely missing, we have solutions that can be customized to your needs. Please contact our office via phone or text for more information.

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