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Are You Brushing Too Hard? How to Tell

Most are aware that brushing teeth twice a day is the minimum recommendation for a healthy smile. However, some people are unaware that when they do brush, they are brushing too hard!

Whether you’re in a rush or feel that brushing harder will get your teeth cleaner, you should be aware of the dangers of too strong of a hand while brushing your teeth.

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The right. Pressure while brushing

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity when consuming certain food and beverages or even when outside and the wind hits a tooth, this could be a sign you are brushing too hard and causing damage.

Likewise sore or bleeding gums can also be a sign of something similar, as can tooth decay and receding bums.

The truth is, overbrushing can lead to issues that can be irreversible, just like under brushing can.

The best mode of protection is to get the right technique down. You should brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day (set a timer, it could be longer than you realize!). We recommend a soft-bristled brush that you hold at 45 degrees.

Then, brush in small circles, with a gentle pressure. Harder is not better! And if you notice your bristles are wearing quickly, you are likely brushing too hard and need to ease up.

If you are concerned about your brushing method, pay us a visit! We are here to help.

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