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Achieve a Brilliantly White Smile for the Holidays and New Year

Most people would agree that a beautiful, white smile can be one of a person’s most memorable features. However, due to the food and drinks we consume, as well as genetics, aging or even certain medication, our smiles can become dull over time.

However, the good news is, today’s state-of-the-art professional teeth whitening treatments offered at Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can restore nearly any smile back to dazzling.

As a well-known cosmetic dentist in Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Mitchell Milan is an expert in professional teeth whitening in metro Detroit. In fact, teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic treatments he offers because it’s so in demand.

If you are interested in attaining a gorgeous, bright white smile this holiday season or to ring in the New Year, read on for more.

Attainable professional teeth whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening options, not all products and methods are created equal. For example, many of the over-the-counter whitening treatments, or those you can purchase online, contain harsh, abrasive ingredients that can harm your teeth.

When considering your smile, you should trust the cosmetic dentist and the treatment being used on your teeth. Professional, in-office whitening is the best bet in terms of both safety and effectiveness.

Many patients who visit Dr. Milan are concerned with the yellow appearance of their teeth. Luckily, he can offer a solution that is powerful and quick. He is proud to have helped countless people obtain a whiter, healthier-looking smile with his top-of-the-line whitening treatment. This in-office teeth whitening procedure can whiten teeth anywhere from five to 10 shades in a single visit.

The treatment begins with a deep cleaning of your teeth. After applying protection to the gums, a professional-grade teeth whitening agent is applied to the teeth and left on for a few minutes. Then, the teeth are simply rinsed with water to reveal a dazzling whiter smile.

Dr. Milan and his staff will detail any aftercare requirements (such as avoiding certain foods and beverages for the next day) as well as provide you with an at-home maintenance kit.

Elite cosmetic dentistry in Birmingham

Dr. Mitchell Milan is a highly sought-after cosmetic dentist whose patients visit him from all over the country for his excellent work. For over 20 years, he has offered the latest and best cosmetic dentistry solutions to his patients. His reputation is built on both his tremendous skill along with his compassionate and caring nature.

Dr. Milan’s education and thorough experience put him on the leading edge of his industry. Patients often note that Dr. Milan’s aesthetic focus and deep knowledge of cosmetic dentistry are what give them 100 percent trust in his work.

Whether your smile is in need of a little or a lot of work, he can help. Contact Dr. Milan’s office today to learn about how you can get the best smile of your life for the New Year.

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