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2 Ways a Dental Bridge Makes Life Better

Missing teeth are a nuisance in several different ways. The most obvious is the way one or more missing teeth make your smile appear, but the longer-lasting consequences are more than cosmetic. Without a full set of teeth, that ones that remain will eventually shift out of place to take up the slack in your bite’s pressure. Not to mention tooth loss makes the rest of your teeth more likely to develop tooth decay, become excessively worn down, or experience gum disease around their roots. If you’ve lost teeth, then a dental bridge may be able to make your life better by addressing many of the subsequent dental concerns that come with tooth loss.

Improving Your Bite’s Function

Biting and chewing are automatic, but to function properly, your bite must be correctly aligned and be able to distribute its pressure evenly among your teeth. A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth so that your bite can once again function properly, without exposing your remaining teeth to excessive pressure and friction.

Improving Your Smile’s Appearance

By replacing your lost tooth or teeth with a custom-made porcelain dental bridge, you can revitalize your appearance and regain the confidence of a beautiful, youthful smile. Not only is a fuller smile more attractive, but advanced, lifelike materials like dental porcelain make your bridge nearly indistinguishable from your healthy, natural teeth. Modern bridges can also be secured to two or more dental implants, which are prosthetic roots that offer your bridge the same comfort and stability as natural teeth roots.

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